What is Arthred® hydroysed collagen?

Arthred® hydrolysed collagen peptides is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen from the hides of German cattle under controlled conditions. Arthred® contains a highly bioavailable form of collagen. Clinical studies show 95% absorption. It is the tiny molecular size which is key to this absorption. The collagen in Totally Derma® Skin Beverage is 3 kdaltons, compared with around 70 kdaltons for most collagen supppliments.

Because it is sourced from animal collagen, the amino-acid composition of the peptides resembles that of human collagen. This is different to collagen from marine and whey sources which have a different chemical structure.

How do the active ingredients in Totally Derma® address the ageing process?

The collagen included in the formulation of Totally Derma® has been enzymatically hydrolysed, or pre-digested, to ensure fast absorption in the small intestine within an hour, before entering the blood vessels, thereby facilitating its optimum body utilisation. Studies of radio-labelled high-quality bovine collagen peptides show that, once absorbed, collagen peptides are distributed throughout all areas of the body – not only in the joints but also in the skin, demonstrating that high-quality collagen can be efficiently absorbed where needed, and that it is not wasted or lost through urine. Collagen and HA work together to stimulate each other’s production through a positive feedback mechanism: the more collagen that is present, the more HA is produced, and HA itself stimulates fibroblast cell growth within the collagen matrix of the dermis, which in turn will promote further collagen production.

Studies show older skin dramatically loses its ability to produce Hyaluronic acid thus resulting in skin with a loss of volume and formation of wrinkles and folds. Ingested Hyaluronic acid helps to restore the skin’s volume and promote a smooth, plump, natural appearance to the skin, thus filling wrinkles from the inside. Synergistic co-factors including Vitamin C, grape seed extract, green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid are also added to enhance and promote stages of collagen synthesis, maintenance, promotion and repair.

How does Totally Derma® differ from collagen drinks?

Totally Derma® contains 200% and 40% more collagen than other supplements (*in the form of 10,000 mg. of therapeutic dosage Arthred hydrolysed animal sourced collagen).

Totally Derma® contains a therapeutic dosage of 210 mg. Hyaluronic Acid which is up to 300% more than other supplement.

Totally Derma® contains synergistic dosages of Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Zinc, Manganese, Copper – some other skin drinks contain Vitamin C and other co-factors.

Why is Arthred® Hydrolysed Collagen different?

Arthred® differs from other hydrolysed collagens as it contains a more complete spectrum of Collagen Type I, II and III.

It also differs by being processed through a proteolytic enzymatic hydrolysis process under controlled conditions. This means the proteolytic enzymes facilitate the cleavage of the amino acid peptide bonds. Whereas most other hydrolysed collagens on the market are just hydrolysed through a water process alone. The benefits of an enzymatic hydrolysis are smaller short chain amino acid peptides which are uniform and consistent in size thereby guaranteeing a 95% absorption rate.

Most collagen producers do not hydrolyse with proteolytic enzymes as the process takes much longer than standard hydrolysis (up to 6 hours per batch), this makes the process expensive and time–‐consuming, but it definitely yields the most superior form of hydrolysed collagen.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is a major component of the dermis and its fluidity. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin and increases its volume and density whilst also supporting collagen and elastin within the skin. Hyaluronic acid is also involved in the rejuvenation of joint tissue and immune function and supports the biochemical processes involved in wound healing.

Totally Derma® supplies an optimal 210 mg. (per serving) of patented Hyaluronic Acid powder which uses a proprietary enzymatic process to enhance absorption through the digestive tract to 95%. No other collagen drink supplement supplies this therapeutic dosage. Totally Derma contains up to 300% more HA than any other collagen drink supplement.

How to use

Does the powdered formula affect its absorbability?

Totally Derma® does not need to be dissolved in a solution to be absorbed, it can be taken as a powder on its own or for taste reasons, mixed into a drink. Neither form of consumption affects its absorbability. It is still over 95% absorbed, no matter how it is taken. A single dose of Totally Derma® contains the equivalent of 26 capsule alternatives.

When is the best time to take Totally Derma®?

Drink it before bed as this is the best time to boost collagen levels. The majority of collagen synthesis takes place in your first couple of hours of sleep so it’s best to combine that with Totally Derma®. If that doesn’t suit your routine, drink it on an empty stomach or after food. Don’t drink a coffee within 2 hours of ingesting Totally Derma® as coffee is a diuretic.

Can Totally Derma® be mixed with other drinks?

It can be mixed with water, juice, milk, or even mixed into food such as yoghurt. It is great when added to your daily smoothie. Make sure you do not heat it – it is not to be mixed in hot drinks or food.


Does Totally Derma® have any other benefits other than improving the skin on my face and body?

Yes! As Totally Derma® is an ingested product that circulates in the blood stream the ingredients are supplied to ALL the skin in your body – not just the face. It is proven to stimulate and replace other collagens in the body such as cartilage in joints. People often notice their aches and pains improve in their joints and spine after a few weeks. It is also beneficial for hair, nails, bone density and general dryness of mucous membranes. Therefore, it is a good all-round product for menopausal women especially.

Will Totally Derma® help my leaky gut?

Collagen is a mediator in the gut-skin relationship.

Collagen is a protein that is packed with the types of amino acids that our GI tract uses to repair and heal itself. By mending the damaged cells which comprise the gut lining, these amino acids regulate the gut microbiome and its permeability, thereby treating and preventing leaky gut syndrome.

How can Totally Derma® improve my joint health?

Inside the body, increased collagen and hyaluronic acid production means that stiff joints will become more flexible and comfortable, making this a great supplement for general health and fitness minded men and women. Totally Derma® has its medical heritage in repairing cartilage in joints, so is a fantastic supplement for anyone who has osteoarthritis.

Should I take this supplement for peri-post menopause?

Absolutely. Totally Derma® is beneficial for hair, nails, bone density and general dryness of mucous membranes. Therefore, it is a good all-round product for menopausal women especially. A small, self-reporting Totally Derma® study revealed promising results with the supplement offering relief for 90% of the participants across the full range of GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause) symptoms.

I am having surgery shortly. Would Totally Derma® help?

Without a doubt. Many surgeons recommend Totally Derma® for their patients undergoing surgery (pre and post) as it is highly beneficial for wound recovery.

How long will it take to see results?

2-3 weeks for hydration.
6-12 weeks for wrinkle depth reduction, improvement in elasticity, density and plumpness.
12 weeks for improvement in joint health.